The 826 Steps To Complete Sentience

The Detroit Robot Factory in Eastern Market is home to the 826th and final step of a long process of upgrades and installations a robot must receive in order to achieve complete sentience. Each of these 826 steps is necessary for a robot to become whole. The steps and their order have been curated and developed by teams of the world's greatest engineers, philosophers, and list-makers.

Understanding what makes an robot sentient is an essential part of robo-human relations. As a public service, Onward Robots will be tweeting two steps a day (at 8:26am and 8:26pm) from our Twitter account, @OnwardRobots. We're scheduled to be done sometime in early 2018. Before then, see the list in its entirety only at the Detroit Robot Factory, open Tuesday through Friday, 12p-6pm, and Saturdays, 9am-4pm. 


















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